There are 7 communities currently present in Italy, which carry out missionary and evangelizing service in different cities

Villaregia (Veneto)​

Founded in 1981, the Villaregia office is also the Mother House of the Community. There, in fact, he was officially received by the Church, in the diocese of Chioggia, by Bishop Sennen Corrà. Thus began the adventure of the first group of young people who wanted to live a life of communion and mission, entrusting themselves to the hands of a Provident Father. The Community is the destination for various parish groups who wish to experience days of spirituality and service. Formative meetings for children, adolescents, young people, couples and weekends of spirituality for young people, couples and adults take place every month in Villaregia. Casa Mãe is also a place of voluntary work, where many friends give time and strength to the mission.

Quartu Sant'Elena (Sardinia)​

The Community of Quartu Sant'Elena was born in 1981, hosted in the Diocese of Cagliari. Our offices are the destination of various parish groups who wish to experience days of spirituality and service. In addition, many young people take the preparation courses for the sacraments offered by the missionaries. In Quartu Sant'Elena there are monthly meetings of formation for young people, couples and adults, and weekends of spirituality for young people, couples and adults. The Community is also a place of volunteering, where many friends give their time and strength to support local poverty.

Nola (Campania)

On May 15, 1989, the Community of Nola was born, where we offer activities of missionary animation and Christian formation for individuals and parishes; global education courses for schools of all levels, in collaboration with the NGO Missionary Community of Villaregia for Development (Comivis). Our house is a place of voluntary work, where many friends give their time and their strength to the mission.

Orcenico Inferiore (Friuli Venezia Giulia)

We have been present in Friuli since 1991, welcomed by His Excellency Bishop Sennen Corrà, Bishop of Concordia-Pordenone. We spent the first seven years at the Sanctuary "Madonna della Strada" in Fanna. Since September 1998, Providence offers us the possibility of moving to Pordenone. In so many years of presence, we have rendered a precious service for the mission: the formation of many people; support for young people, couples and adults; the service of animation in the parishes and meetings in the schools. We live the fidelity of the love of Father Providence, through many small and large gestures of generosity from friends of the mission, volunteers and benefactors. After a constructive journey of sharing with the members of the Community, since the beginning of 2020 we have been experiencing a new form of presence in the territory, through renewed leadership by our associate members (volunteers and friends of the mission).


We arrived in Rome to give life to a new community on August 16, 1996. We feel enriched by the experience of faith offered by Rome: the presence of the Pope and the memory of the martyrs who gave their lives in this city to bear witness to their faith, make Rome the heart of the Church and of Christianity. The collaboration with the various parishes and priests has allowed, in recent years, the development of community and missionary animation in the diocese of Rome and in the neighboring dioceses, which we carry out thanks to the many lay people who support us in evangelization and the stock activities.

Lonato del Garda (Lombardia)

The first group of Community missionaries arrived in Lonato del Garda in 1999. Many activities are offered in our house and in collaboration with the parishes of the region: courses in missionary animation; spirituality weekend (Caná, Emmaüs, Jeshuà, Vida Nova); retreats and courses in preparation for the sacraments.

Vedrana (Emilia-Romagna)

Inaugurated on September 11, 2018, our house is a point of reference for groups of young people, adults and children engaged in a journey of missionary formation. In July 2018, the diocese of Bologna entrusted us with the creation of a “community of mercy”: a house where missionaries and families share life with the migrants received and put themselves at the service of local poverty, in collaboration with Caritas diocesan. The House is always open to those who wish to participate in voluntary activities and times of prayer.


Comunità Missionaria di Villaregia

Fraz. Villaregia, 16 – 45014 PORTO VIRO (RO)