The members

The members

The Community was born as a multi-vocational reality: lay people and clerics, singles and spouses, men and women, united by the same charism, spirituality and desire: to be a community for the mission ad gentes


The Missionary Community of Villaregia is composed of so-called effective members and aggregated members.  

Effective members constitute the heart of the Community and are divided into four groups: 

  • Male missionaries are unmarried men and clerics who live in the Community houses, dedicated full time to evangelization and missionary service. 
  • Female missionaries live their virginity for the Kingdom, dedicated full-time to evangelization and missionary service. They too live in the Community houses. 
  • Missionaries in the world live their missionary vocation by carrying on their business or work. Unmarried and single, they live in their private houses and collaborate with the other members of the Community in local activities and initiatives.  
  • Missionary spouses witness their choice of being missionaries ad gentes by conducting a simple personal and family life, available to share what they are and what they have with the society. They live in private houses and collaborate with the other members of the Community in local activities and initiatives. 


Every missionary, no matter his/her status, is committed to living and bearing witness to the Gospel according to the ecclesial recommendations. They take the private vows of poverty, obedience and celibate chastity (or conjugal chastity for missionary spouses). A fourth community vow for mission ad gentes keeps the missionaries united in the common desire to favor a way of communion and to spread it to the ends of the earth. 

Aggregate members are people who find in the Missionary Community of Villaregia a place for growth and commitment. They benefit from and take part in the activities offered by the Community, participate to its charism and cooperate for its same end. They adhere to the spirituality of the Community and participate in its initiatives without taking any private vow.

They are divided into: 

  • Volunteers 
  • Members of the GimVi groups (groups committed in missionary activities and service) 
  • Missionary animators 
  • Friends of the mission 

The Community currently has 420 effective members and a few thousand aggregated members.