The Community

Our community’s first mission on the African continent was born on the outskirts of the economic capital of Ivory Coast, in Abidjan, in the diocese of Yopougon.
The affection shown by the people and the welcome of the Ivorian people have always accompanied us: we try to offer those who come to our mission an experience of family, encounter with God, and service to others.
We engage on several fronts for the proclamation of the Gospel, the promotion of social justice, the formation of young missionaries, and evangelization ad gentes. Today, the community has many volunteers and associate members from Ivory Coast, and with them, it carries out its mission on the territory.

Founded in 1991 and entrusted to our community, the parish relies on the great commitment of laypeople and aims to be an expression of the Family Church and the Outgoing Church.

Promoting human dignity, helping those who suffer, and integral development projects are important activities in Yopougon to bear witness to God’s love.

The mission is to go, to cross borders and raise awareness for the proclamation of the Gospel to all peoples.


Communaute Missionnaire de Villaregia

23 B.P. 380
Abidjan 23 – Cote d’Ivoire
Tel: 00225/23451736