Our network

Our network

Different organizations affiliated to the Community operating in harmony with its values. The goal is promote human development initiatives and properly manage international cooperation and social projects in the territories where the Villaregia missionaries live and serve

In Italy

Missionary Community of Villaregia for Development

The Missionary Community of Villaregia for Development (Comivis) is a non-government organization (NGO) founded on September 24, 2004.

Active in the field of international development cooperation, it was born from the Christian principles and values expressed by the Missionary Community of Villaregia, for supporting the promotion of human development through solidarity, sharing and universal fraternity.

Comivis is recognized and adequately registered according to the rules of the Italian Government.

Areas of intervention in developing countries:

  • Collaboration with local organizations to promote human development initiatives and programs in the Community’s African and Latin American missions;
  • Programs supporting minors in the fields of food security, health care, professional training, child protection and non-formal education;
  • Education and awareness advocacy for the advancement of solidarity, gratuity and voluntary service.

Areas of intervention in Italy:

  • Volunteer recruitment, training and sending in mission;
  • Awareness-raising initiatives and global citizenship education programs on peace and human rights related issues;
  • Organization of materials and basic necessities to be sent to Villaregia mission posts.


The community’s headquarters are located in Porto Viro (Rovigo). Comivis has six operational offices located throughout the Italian territory including Lonato del Garda (Brescia), Nola (Napoli), Pordenone, Quartu Sant’Elena (Cagliari), Rome and Vedrana (Bologna).



Cuoremondo is a non-profit missionary service association, founded in Nola (Napoli) in 2016, working in collaboration with the Community and Comivis.

Cuoremondo initiatives are possible thanks to the collection of mostly second-hand clothing, the creation of solidarity gifts, and the commencement, organization and promotion of missionary markets.

Through these measures Cuoremondo is able to:

  • Help the most needy of people living in Italy. Thanks to networking with local associations we donate clothes to disadvantaged families, prisoners, the homeless and guests of reception facilities, the majority of these being immigrants;
  • Support the activities of the Missionary Community of Villaregia and Comivis through solidarity markets and the sale of garments to Italian companies legally active in the textile industry;
  • Accompany the promotion and implementation of human development projects for the well-being and self-subsistence of the local people at the Community’s African and Latin American mission posts.



CMVper is a civil society organization, founded in Porto Viro (Rovigo) in 2017, dedicated to social promotion initiatives to alleviate local poverty. CMVper is located in six Italian regions.

The mission of the association is to “humanize hospitality” and promote the integration of asylum-seekers and migrants. Focus is also placed on sensitizing the Italian people to the

values of solidarity in order to create advocates for a more fraternal and supportive society.

Areas of intervention:

  • Cooperation with local authorities in the fields of social services, education, social cohesion, and youth promotion;
  • Support for the reception and social integration of migrants, through educational and training activities;
  • Organization of debates, seminars and awareness-raising campaigns, including the publications of editorials;
  • Recruitment and training of active volunteers;
  • Promotion of a culture of hospitality and solidarity, as well as the protection of civil human rights.


Around the world

Ação Social Villaregia

Founded in 2017, Ação Social is an association which works to support the social projects implemented by the Community in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. It promotes projects in favor of senior citizens, 65 years and older, to encourage the creation of solidarity networks and the strengthening of family relationships.

Initiatives include physical rehabilitation, integration into society, and cultural and recreational activities, all with the aim of warding off the loneliness which too often afflicts elderly people.

Casa sin Fronteras

Casa sin Fronteras is a non-profit organization created in November 2014 from the will of the Community’s members and volunteers in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. It promotes solidarity initiatives, psychological and legal support for the benefit of the local population, training opportunities and support for local micro-enterprises.


CMV Social

CMV Social is the association accompanying the development of the social works of the missionary community in São Paulo, Brazil. It is made up of missionaries and lay members of the Community and was created with the desire to develop the social dimension of our presence in the area.

The association operates through:

  • the child/youth center “Centro Infanto Juvenil Santa Julia”, a social and educational center for children and adolescents promoting and implementing activities for minors struggling with social disadvantage and vulnerability;
  • the project “Juventude da Hora”. Developed from the collective dream to prevent the social isolation of adolescents and young people, the project offers a youth-friendly space for encouraging healthy growth through art.

Juntos sin Fronteras

Juntos sin Fronteras is a non-profit association carrying out projects in Texcoco, Mexico, with the aim to impact the lives of the most vulnerable sections of society – children, young people and women – in the fields of health, education and vocational training.

The association promotes the human, cultural and social growth of families, involving local social actors for promoting an integral development of each beneficiary.