Spiritual Support

Our action also depends on your support. The mission is entrusted to all Christians, as individuals and as a community. Can we count on you?

All Christians are co-responsible for missionary activity

Today more than ever, the mission is entrusted to the laity, to families, to women, to young people. No one can say “it doesn’t concern me”! Spiritual cooperation in the mission is achieved through 3 different modes of participation:

  • Pray
  • Sacrifice
  • Testimony of Christian life


It is the dew that accompanies the journey of the missionaries and makes the proclamation of the Word effective. In his Letters, Saint Paul often asks the faithful to pray for him, so that he may be able to proclaim the Gospel with confidence and frankness. Every day, as missionaries, we are reassured and supported by the prayers of so many people scattered across all continents!

What strength and consolation arise from these gifts that reach us wherever we work!


Every pain and every difficulty, accepted and offered to God with love, carries Grace. The preciousness of this offering springs forth from the sacrifice of Christ, who calls the members of His mystical body to join in His sufferings, to complete them in their own flesh. (Colossians 1:24)

How many times in our life have we experienced the fruit of the silent offering of so many friends who, from the bed of pain or in moments of suffering, have lovingly offered physical pain for us missionaries, a difficult situation in the family, a trial, an illness.

Dear missionaries, The illness continues to make me nauseous, and the pain moves from one part of the body to another. Chemotherapy leaves me weak, and I only leave the house to go to the hospital. I have united my "yes" with Mary's, asking her for the strength to move forward with faith. From the first time I entered the hospital, I offered everything for vocations, and in return, I received so much serenity. In this new situation, I have asked God and His Mother to take my sufferings for the same reason, for your community. Sending you a heartfelt embrace.


Dear missionaries, I hope to be able to come and visit you soon with my family to introduce the newcomers. There are difficulties at work because there are those who would like to hinder my employment due to the fact that I am a Christian and I do not hide it. I try to live the values I believe in my daily work, to be open and in dialogue with everyone, but I realize that I am an uncomfortable presence, and I risk losing my job because of certain individuals who slyly try to portray me in a negative light. I wear the cross around my neck, and some colleagues have advised me to hide it to avoid problems. I have refused. Can I exchange faith for a job? The Lord will provide, and I ask you to be close to me and support me in my struggle. I also propose this to you.


Testimony of Christian life

During the early centuries, Christianity spread primarily because Christians traveled or settled in regions where Christ had not been preached. They courageously bore witness to their faith and established the first communities there.

Today, many citizens from mission countries and members of non-Christian religions are settling in our cities for educational and employment reasons or due to political or economic conditions in their places of origin. The presence of these brothers and sisters calls us to embrace, dialogue, serve, share, and bear direct witness. We are called to live out the proclamation and testimony not only in the realms of politics, economy, culture, communication but also in schools.

Desidero sostenere spiritualmente i missionari e l’azione missionaria nel mondo

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