The Community

We have been in Lima, in the Mariano Melgar neighborhood, since 1986. In these years we have walked alongside the people of God, strengthening each other in faith. 

We work with the parish La Trinidad which is composed of 8 chapels scattered over the vast territory, and it’s been a pleasure to accompany the people of the mission through a variety of activities.  These include meetings and training courses for young people, adults and couples, and missionary animation activities in schools and other parishes. 

The social action we promote involves various sectors including education, health and vocational training. 

Our mission, which serves about 120,000 inhabitants, is located among the hills of rock and sand in the southern outskirts of Lima.  People come to this area from the Andes and the surrounding rural areas to find a better future. 

The Polyclinic, nursery schools, professional youth center, and popular kitchens are some of the social projects we carry out to be close to those who suffer and live in situations of poverty. 

The Community in Lima hosts young missionaries “in training” from Africa, Europe and Latin America who leave their families to consecrate themselves to God and dedicate themselves to the mission. In Lima, these young people are preparing to put themselves at the service of others. 


Comunidad Misionera de Villaregia

Jr. José de la Torre Ugarte 114
Mariano Melgar – Lima, Perù
Tel. 0051/1/7149440 – e-mail: