The Community

We have been in Robe since December 2019 to bear witness to the Gospel with our lives and undertake works of social promotion and development, given the poverty of the region, where 4 million people live and Catholics represent 0.03% of the population.

We were invited to this region of southern Ethiopia by Father Angelo Antolini, who has pastoral responsibility for the Apostolic Prefecture of Robe, a territory the size of a third of Italy.

The Apostolic Prefecture of Robe is a large family: different ecclesial realities united to bear witness to the joy of the Gospel in fraternal communion.

Building bridges of fraternity among peoples and raising awareness of the urgency of the mission is one of our ministries in the Church and in all the countries where we serve.

In a reality where 97% of the population is Muslim, the focus on the poorest is like a small seed that demonstrates God’s love for the least among us.

Our mission in Robe is taking its first steps. As with any new endeavor, there are numerous needs, and we need your help to carry out our service.


Missionary Community of Villaregia

Apostolic Prefecture of Robe (Ethiopia)
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