The Community

The São Paulo mission is located in the southernmost part of the city, in a densely populated area. Approximately 60,000 people are entrusted to our care.

With our arrival in 1996, a new parish dedicated to the Holy Trinity was established, consisting of 12 chapels spread throughout the vast territory to ensure the presence of the Church for the entire population.

The Missionary Center serves as a Christian gathering place and a place for the formation of young people and families residing within the mission’s territory.

We have been in the Diocese of Campo Limpo since 1996. The parish of SS. Trinity currently has 33,000 inhabitants and is full of initiatives and activities.

C’est en 1986 que nous avons commencé à nous occuper d’enfants en situation sociale difficile. Depuis, de nouveaux projets et de nouvelles actions sociales ont vu le jour dans divers domaines.

The world is larger than our local reality: that’s why all Christians are involved in the dynamism of reaching out to other territories and peoples.

Offering a better future for children

In Sao Paulo, we have created the "Juvenil Santa Giulia" Child Center

We provide children from disadvantaged families with a familiar and peaceful environment, along with qualified educators, nutritious meals, educational and social activities, friendship, and everything they need for harmonious and peaceful growth.

This initiative not only benefits the children, but also extends to their families, who receive support in their educational efforts.


Comunidade Missionária de Villaregia

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