From the very beginning of the life of the Community, the members have chosen to completely entrust themselves to the providential love of God, as children who place all their trust in Him and experience His presence and faithfulness every day

Being a community which lives of Providence is for the missionaries, first of all, a commitment to dwell in total trust of the goodness of our Heavenly Father. It is the daily experience that God takes care of all His children and that His faithful love does not abandon them.

All that I know of tomorrow is that Providence will rise before the sun

Jean-Baptiste Henri Lacordaire

The experience of providence is, then, similar to undertaking a journey of trust which illuminates all aspects of life. It is to consciously learn and find in God the meaning of every event that impacts every creature’s existence. God provides for everything in his Children’s lives and they can count on Him for everything.

The experience of God’s providential love dissolves all fear of abandonment and loneliness. Providence is God himself: a living Person with whom we can relate, who sends us into the world to bear witness to His love.

So don't worry about these things, saying, ‘What will we eat? What will we drink? What will we wear?' (…) your heavenly Father already knows that you need them

Mt 6:32

Being a community, the members strive to respond to this love by committing themselves to a life of evangelical poverty and generous dedication to God’s Kingdom. He expects from us docility, freedom from schemes, sobriety in the use of goods, and openness to sacrifice and the donation of our life.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and his justice

Mt 6:33

To live by Providence is ...

Recognizing the face of the Trinity in all the circumstances of life and following its traces. There is a benevolent gaze under which life unfolds, a smile which always accompanies our steps, an extended hand to keep us safe in the face of all kinds of adversities. A look, a face, a Word, sometimes to be deciphered, sometimes to await.

Welcoming other people, each brother and sister. Every person we meet is a gift of Providence. The brothers and sisters God places beside us remind us that our life is not enough in itself.

We will always need the gaze of others, which is another gaze, which observes us from another angle, with another perspective and a different disposition of mind. The meaning of life cannot be discovered individually. Its true meaning can only be understood in the encounter with others, in sharing and giving

J. Tolentino Mendonça

Welcoming everything. Not all events and people with which our lives are intertwined are related to pleasant memories or experiences. However, in every encounter or experience, even in the most painful ones, there is something good and useful to be welcomed. It is precisely in adversity, in circumstances that are humanly difficult to understand and accept, that we learn to trust God, to recognize that, despite everything, our life is in His hands and that, there, we are safe.

Openness to Gratitude. In everyday life we experience the goodness of the Father, the love He sows in our lives and in those we are sent to. Gratitude changes our gaze upon things and people, even on ourselves, making us experience the beauty of being loved and cherished children, not for our merits, but for a Love that surrounds and fills us.

When we remember the love that created and saved us, when we make love a part of our daily stories, when we weave the tapestry of our days with mercy, we are turning another page. We no longer remain tied to regrets and sadness, bound to an unhealthy memory that burdens our hearts; rather, by opening ourselves to others, we open ourselves to the same vision of the great Storyteller

Pope Francis

Becoming Providence. As we are, with our way of life, we can be instruments of God’s Providence for others. Having experienced the Father’s providential love, we are eager to share it with every person we encounter and to transmit His message of hope to a humanity thirsting for trust, redemption, and authentic development.

The Church must proclaim and give to the world the grace and the meaning of divine Providence. The Church does this for the love of man, to rescue him from the crushing weight of the enigma and to entrust him to a mystery of a great, immeasurable, decisive love such as God is. The Church announces divine Providence not through her own invention, however inspired by thoughts of humanity, but because God has revealed himself thus

John Paul II