The Community

On February 17, 1998, the first missionaries of the Community began their service on Mexican soil by arriving in one of the cities in Mexico, Texcoco. The bishop of Texcoco at that time, Bishop Carlos Aguiar Retes, entrusted the parish of Christ the King of El Tejocote to their pastoral care: a new pastoral area created on the occasion of their arrival.

Our mission is located to the east of Mexico City, approximately 30 km from the city center. Even though it is a peripheral area, it experiences the same social and economic conditions as the capital.


The parish “Cristo Rey” has around 35,000 inhabitants and is located in an urban suburb to the east of Mexico City.

Since 1997, we have initiated social actions aimed at supporting education, training, and social cohesion in the mission in which we operate.

Our missionary action is not limited to the outskirts of the capital, where we provide our service permanently, but also extends to rural areas.


Comunidad Misionera de Villaregia

Tlalnepantla 23, Fracc. El Tejocote – Apartado postal 13
56265 Texcoco – México
tel. 0052/595/92/10319