The Community

Since 2009 we have been present in the outskirts of Maputo, entrusted with Trinidad. 

God has called us to live among the people and bring the joy of the Gospel through pastoral and social initiatives.  Our missionary center is a place for Christian and missionary meetings and formation for young people and families who live in the area.  Along with welcoming the locals, the Community host many persons from all over the world who wish to have an experience of service and community. 

Several young Mozambicans are preparing to become missionaries here, making our family very international. 

The parish, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, covers a very large territory of 100 square kilometers north of Maputo. 

We aim to involve the local people to be protagonists in the growth of the communities they live in. 

Since 2016 this House has welcomed young former prisoners who wish to reintegrate into society.  To do so, they are offered training opportunities and support of many kinds.

Maputo's mission at the service of the people

Watch the video and discover the literacy centers, and the children’s center; the commitment to evangelization and the struggle for the redemption of prisoners; women’s empowerment projects and nutrition centers.


Comunidade Missionária de Villaregia

Quarteirão 27, Célula D, Casa 1313, Bairro Cumbeza
Distrito de Marracuene, Província de MAPUTO – MOÇAMBIQUE

Tel: +258 219 005 12 – e-mail: