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A day with the missionaries

6 a.m.
Father Domenico and the Mass
7 a.m.
Angela and the Dialogue with God
8 a.m.
Astrid is studying at the Faculty of Theology in Ivory Coast.
9 a.m.
Valeria: training disciples in Christian communities
10 a.m.
Angel and Jolanda serving young businesses in Puerto Rico
11 a.m.
Father Aldo is leaving Texcoco for a mission in Chiapas
1 p.m.
Giovanni and Roberta open the doors of their home to people in need
2 p.m.
Angelica is in charge of the children's center in Belo Horizonte
3 p.m.
Adeline and the Catechesis of Childhood
4 p.m.
Valentina is at the Yopougon Medical Center in Ivory Coast
6 p.m.
Estelle is responsible for the training of young missionaries
10 p.m.
In Maputo, missionaries end the day in fraternity
11 p.m.
Valentina is at the hospital for her shift