The morning prayer is a special moment of intimacy with the Lord, with the One who called me and who supports me in my journey every day. Along with other male and female missionaries, I devote an hour to praise and meditation on the Word of the day, to draw comfort and to intercede for the lives of my brothers, especially the poorest in the world.

I feel a particular gratitude for this privileged time given to me to be with God; every morning I pause for a few moments before starting the prayer with the desire to contemplate the presence of the Lord who awaits me in the tabernacle, to recognize His faithfulness, to which I would not want to become accustomed. The liturgical prayer helps me to feel in communion not only with the universal Church but also with the many men and women who, throughout the centuries, have sung the praises of God through the events of their history. The meditation on the Word, on the other hand, is an instrument of listening to the will of God that illuminates my path in the present.

Personally, I learned to pray from my childhood, through the teachings of my parents and parish life, and later as a young girl, I discovered the beauty of being with the Lord, like in a personal encounter, with a living person. From that moment, little by little, I tried to find a space of intimacy with Him, even in the years of my studies, in the beautiful years of life, as well as in the years of anxious search to discover God’s call, during which God attracted me to Him, making me contemplate, in freedom, the beauty of His Love.

Even today, it helps me to return to these experiences in my memory, even when it is not always easy. Sometimes, paraphrasing Peter’s famous phrase “Lord, you know everything, you know that I love you” (Jn 21:17); in me was born then this prayer “I don’t know everything, but I know that you love me.” I find in this prayer, every day, a strength to go forward with confidence.

Normally, I live these moments alone, but there are also days when I pray with other missionaries in our group, because without prayer there would be no Community: “Being a Community – our statutes emphasize – is nourished by a continuous relationship with God, in personal and communal prayer that permeates all existence.” From there comes the fraternal service and mission that God entrusts to me every day.

A Day with the Missionaries

6 a.m.
Father Domenico and the Mass
7 a.m.
Angela and the Dialogue with God
8 a.m.
Astrid is studying at the Faculty of Theology in Ivory Coast
9 a.m.
Valeria: Training Disciples in Christian Communities
10 a.m.
Angel and Jolanda serving young businesses in Puerto Rico
11 a.m.
Father Aldo leaves Texcoco for a mission in Chiapas
1 p.m.
Giovanni and Roberta open the doors of their home to people in need
2 p.m.
Angelica runs the children's center in Belo Horizonte
3 p.m.
Adeline and Catechesis for Children
4 p.m.
Valentina works at the medical center in Yopougon
6 p.m.
Estelle is in charge of the training of young missionaries
10 p.m.
In Maputo, the missionaries end the day in fraternity
11 p.m.
Valentina is at the hospital for her shift