The Community

We have been in Belo Horizonte, in the district of Betânia, since 1985, where people have welcomed us with great affection from the very beginning. Together we are committed day after day to build a community which privileges relationships of fraternity, attention to the poor and marginalized, and the mission of bringing the joy of the Gospel to all. 

Our headquarters are open to welcome people, parishes and groups who wish to experience a communion and missionary spirituality, and to all those who want to make their talents and energies available to build the Kingdom of God and a fairer society. 

The parish of São Sebastião has about 25,000 inhabitants and is located on the southern outskirts of Belo Horizonte. It was the first parish taken up in Latin America by our young community.

In 1986 we began taking care of children living in socially disadvantaged situations. Since then, new projects and social actions have been promoted in other sectors.

Building bridges of fraternity between peoples and raising awareness on the urgency of the mission is one of our ministries for the Church and countries in which we serve. 

In Belo Horizonte we built and manage the Centro de Acolhida Betânia (The Betânia Reception Center). 

Here we provide a familiar, serene and child-friendly environment to children who come from families in disadvantaged situations.  Here they may find qualified educators, a nutritious diet, educational and recreational activities, friendship and everything they need for good and harmonious growth. 

Our care is not limited to children but also extends to their families, to whom we provide the necessary support for improving their educational ability. 

Help us to transform the lives of even more children! 


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Centro de Acolhida Betânia
Cipriano de Carvalho, 574 Cinquentenário
30570-020, BH – MG