In October 2018, Cardinal Archbishop Philippe Ouedraogo established the Saint Monica Parish and entrusted it to our community. The faithful welcomed the missionaries with affection and regarded their presence as a blessing from God

The population is estimated at around 75,000 inhabitants. It is an area where urbanization is recent and progressing rapidly. Consequently, many neighborhoods lack essential services, such as electricity and water. Where there used to be only countryside, new settlements are rapidly emerging, characterized by very modest dwellings. Christians make up approximately 20% of the population.

The territory is divided into three pastoral zones, each with its own chapel: Sandogo (the district where the central church is located), Wapassy, and Boassa.

The chapels

These chapels are significantly insufficient to accommodate all the people who come on Sundays to participate in the Eucharistic celebration. People gather outside, enduring the sun and rain.

As a nascent reality, parish structures are non-existent. Catechesis for children preparing for the sacraments takes place under the few trees available or in makeshift shelters made of corrugated iron. On average, each group consists of 100 to 150 participants.

We face numerous challenges in a context marked by profound poverty and serious social problems. Immediately, it is necessary to learn the local language, Mooré, which is essential for communicating with the many people who do not speak French.

In our parish, the “Christian base communities” play a central role. Currently, there are 25 of these communities, allowing people living in the same neighborhood to gather every week.

These communities foster relationships of fraternity, where faith grows and is nurtured, the Word of God is shared, prayers are offered, and mutual support is provided. In summary, we walk together and become a community of faith and love.

Significantly promoting social cohesion and active citizenship, these Christian base communities also serve as a point of reference for non-Christian residents in the neighborhood. They represent the living and active presence of the Church in the community. With great sacrifices, people are building chapels to have a place where they can gather conveniently near their homes.

In the video that follows, the “Saint Luke” Christian base community joyfully dances near their chapel under construction.

Father Paolo Motta, a missionary in Ouagadougou, says:

“The Burkinabé people have a great spiritual vitality. A significant help in Christian formation comes from the various groups and movements present in the region, each with its own spirituality and specific mission.

Through our presence, we strive to support the journey of each existing reality in our mission and strengthen the universal missionary drive. There are many dedicated laypeople who offer their skills and talents in service to the kingdom of God.”


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