Within the diocese of Belo Horizonte, our community has always committed itself to spreading the missionary charism and carrying out missionary animation activities with the aim to encourage Christians to actively participate in proclaiming the Gospel to the world through their presence and life, as well as by providing material and spiritual support. 

The Commitment In The Diocesan Missionary Center

After collaborating in the foundation of the Diocesan Missionary Center (COMIDI), of which we have also assumed the direction for many years, we continue our commitment to the functioning of this important body, which coordinates all the missionary actions and animation activities in the diocese.  COMIDI also promotes the exchange of knowledge, experiences and solidarity between the diocese and other sister realities all over the world. 

In addition to this diocesan service, since our arrival we have been engaged in a direct service of missionary animation in the parishes of Belo Horizonte and in those of other cities in the state of Minas Gerais. 

Among the most important activities we carry out are weeks of community and missionary animation. On such occasions we enter the life of a parish to bring and spread our charisma and love for the world and for the missionary life, inviting the various parish groups and realities we meet to be responsible for the evangelization of the whole world – a responsibility of every baptized person. 


Summertime Missions

Every year, together with the young people who attend the activities realized by our community, we organize a summer mission during which they are the protagonists. During this initiative, at the service of the poorest parishes of the diocese, we visit families and proclaim the Gospel to each householdIt is an experience which always involves a lot of young people who, by announcing their faith, strengthen it and mature in their paths of spiritual growth. 


Missionary Training And Exhibition

We are also available to help the priests of the poorest parishes, collaborating in the priestly ministry, promoting courses for lay people and organizing meetings at our missionary center. 

In our house it is also possible to visit the permanent missionary exhibition The World Seen From Another Perspective, an educational path on the issues related to the gap between the northern and southern spheres of the world.  It is a sensory and stimulating journey which leads the visitors to immerse themselves in different realities of the world and discover surprising aspects and touching realities. 


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